Celebrating Our 50周年

1971年初, Paul Cummins and Rhoda Makoff—then headmaster and assistant headmaster, 分别, at the elementary school St. Augustine by-the-Sea in Santa Monica—laid out their vision for a new school, essentially re-imagining what a school could be. In the first Crossroads brochure, they wrote: 
“The Crossroads School seeks to imbue each student with a respect for learning, with an awareness of the valuable traditions of the past, with a sense of social commitment and concern for the future of man, and with a sense of his unique, 个人价值.”
Fifty years later, Paul and Rhoda’s words (male pronouns aside), still describe Crossroads’ DNA. Their vision has provided a steady foundation for the School over time because it allows for evolution and innovation.

A look back at the history of Crossroads reveals 50 years of moving forward. Thoughtful questioning, 公开对话, risk-taking and social responsibility have led the School to create new solutions, to grow and to flourish. 五十年来, Crossroads has pushed boundaries to respond to an ever-changing world and remained at the forefront of progressive education.


  • Who Are Paul and Rhoda?

    Who are Paul and Rhoda?
  • 玛丽安 and Paul Cummins’ Love Story

    玛丽安 and Paul Cummins’ Love Story





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2022年5月, Crossroads published “未来50年,” a stunning commemorative book that chronicles the School’s remarkable 50-year history.



Celebration and Commemoration


Over the past 50 years, Crossroads has celebrated the act of self-reflection. Below is a look back at the many ways students, 教师, parents and 校友 have reflected on the School itself.

We’d love to hear your stories and reflections, too, as we celebrate Crossroads 50周年. Please feel free to add to the collage. You can add written reflections, photos, videos, documents. Just click the plus (+) icon toward the bottom-right to get started! Don't forget to include your name and affiliation to Crossroads!

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Show Your School Spirit

Our new Crossroads School merchandise store is now open! 新产品! New 50周年 logo! 新吉祥物标志! Check it out, and show your Crossroads spirit.


For 50 years, Crossroads has been not just a school, but a movement for good.
Our 50th anniversary logo, designed by Alicia Patel of Golden Design Studio, reimagines the Crossroads X as light reflected through a kaleidoscope. 一个生动的, ever-changing interplay of art and science, it’s a fitting symbol for Crossroads, where we continue to seek out complexity, evolution and innovation.

A look back at the School’s founding and growth in the 1970s recalls the vision required to start a new school as well as the pioneering experience of the students, 家庭, teachers and administrators who brought it to life. It wasn’t an easy project, but it was fueled by the idea that school could be reinvented to better serve the lives of students and the greater community. The spirit of curiosity and invention of the early years has served as the foundation for the School’s continuing development and remains at the heart of the Crossroads experience.


Thanks to generations of donors, Crossroads has been able to flourish and grow into one of the premier independent schools in the nation.

All that our students enjoy today is made possible by the vision and generosity of parents, 校友, 爷爷奶奶, 校友家长, 朋友, 教师 and staff who believe an investment in our School is a worthy commitment. Please consider making your gift today.