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The 埃米 program is a progressive, audition-based music conservatory within the Upper School.
Musicians are accepted into this exceptional 和 distinctive program by audition only. An 埃米 music major is a dedicated student who is seriously committed to the study 和 performance of music. As members of the larger school community, 埃米 students benefit from our college preparatory program while pursuing their passion for music. Learn more about the 埃米 program 在这里


Application Steps
Applicants who are applying to the Elizabeth M和ell Music Institute (埃米) must complete recorded 和 live auditions in addition to completing the regular admission application process. The auditions, along with the admission application, determine if an applicant is invited to enroll in Crossroads’ pre-college classical music conservatory program.

Please see below for details on our 埃米 application process:

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  • Applicants Submit Interest Form

    Please submit our 埃米 interest form to get started on your application. The process for auditioning for 埃米 is done in addition to applying to Crossroads, but we'll send you all of the information you'll need to do both.
  • 埃米 Faculty Prescreen Applications

    埃米 faculty will review the information provided from the interest form 和 will invite selected applicants for a live audition.
  • Applicants Complete a Live Audition

    Applicants who have been invited to the Crossroads campus to complete a live audition for 埃米 faculty will play or participate in:

    • One or more solo pieces of your choice that demonstrate both fast/technical playing as well as slow/lyrical playing, with or without an accompanist. A movement or movements of a sonata or concerto are accepted.
    • Informal sight reading 和 ear training assessments with 埃米 faculty.

Music After Crossroads

埃米 Alumni
埃米 alumni have consistently gone on to perform in some of the finest professional symphony orchestras in the world. In addition, they have assumed leadership roles in opera companies, professional societies 和 in teaching.

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